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“Jumpstart” = to start (an engine or vehicle) by temporary connection to an external power source

Ljubljana, 12. JANUARY 2019

17:00 – 19:00

A stopwatch, Manca, who keeps encouraging you non-stop, a kick-ass new playlist in an UPGRADE of your movements= every isolation for 5 minutes! GO!

UPGRADE It takes 2-3 min of repeating 1 movement, to get to the level we had before. From 3-5 minute the movement starts developing further. That is “where the magic happens” = the movements get bigger, juicyjer, breaktroughs happen! 💜🙌

Since we don’t have unlimited time at classes and since you most probably don’t take time at home for long, quality filled practice, I invite you to join me at this workshop and get this weekend boost of drilling. No choreography, no complicated combinations, just in-depth practice of the core movements and isolations!

What I truly believe is that the most important thing is a polished, clean an perfected basic dance technique. With this down, everything else is easy! Even when I practice at home, drilling is the biggest part of my regular every day training!


SATURDAY, 12 JANUARY 2019, 17:00-19:00

Price of the workshop: 35 EUR (30 EUR for students)

OBLIGATORY registrations, spots are LIMITED! You can register by sending an email to: mancapavli@gmail.com!