Your articles, contributions and ideas are very welcome!

Can you add your science approach into the equation? Maybe your knowledge from another field can help us become better dancers? Can you share a personal experience that you think is valuable? Do you just have funny performance stories to tell? Do you want to write about an amazing journey you made and the cultures you visited or maybe review a dance event? Are you an amazing producer, photographer or you make amazing costumes? Do you want us to feature an interview with your favorite dancer? Let us know what you want to share and what you think could benefit others in the community!

  • If you want to be featured, just have ideas, or you want your AD to be featured in the magazine, please send us your article or ideas to and we will select the best articles/ideas and ads for the next edition:

★ The DEADLINE for the next, WINTER EDITION (out in February 2019) is the 18th of JANUARY 2019!


So far there is A LOT of interest in contributing to the magazine as writers, so unfortunatelly I can not promise it would be published, most probably there will be a lot of selection, but would love to get your article/interview too and consider it.
The lenght depends on photos, available space etc but about 2 written pages are usually enough (up to 7000 characters, no spaces, that is about 2-3 pages in Times New Roman (usual Word file), size 12). Also add photos with credits to the photographers (make sure we can use them) – better more than too little!


The magazine is a great way to reach our community! Do you have an event coming up? A bussiness that dancers are interested in?
Send us your request to and we can send you our conditions for advertising in the magazine!

★ The DEADLINE for the next, WINTER EDITION (out in February 2019) is the 18th of JANUARY 2019!