Tribal Times how to order

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Thanks for your interest in ordering the TRIBAL TIMES magazine. Below you can find more info on how to get your copy! CURRENTLY we offer: the 1st EDITION of the magazine (VOL 1.  = FALL 2018) and 2nd EDITION (VOL. … Continued

JOIN A CLASS – 1. class semester

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JOIN A CLASS – registrations until the group is full! 1. class semester = 5th OCTOBER until 6th of FEBRUARY 2020 PLEASE REGISTER FOR YOUR DESIRED CLASS in advance AS GROUPS TEND TO BE FULL! 1 class for 4 sequential … Continued


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Letos bom učila le 1 MESEC POLETNIH TEČAJEV! ZAČNEMO 30.6.2020! OBVEZNE prijave VNAPREJ, saj je velikost skupine OMEJENA! PRIJAVE na mancapavli@gmail.com ali prek 051 202 228 (Manca)! CENIK MESEC PAKET (izbrani tečaj za 4 vadbe) =40€ MESEC PAKET 2 tečaja (2 izbrana … Continued