ELNAZ (Sweden)

Elnaz began studying American Tribal Style (ATS®) in 2009 and has since maintained General Skills certification and moved on to dancing and teaching Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and oriental belly dance. One of the aspects she loves most with Tribal Fusion Belly dance is the ability to create something unique and to fuse the styles she holds dearest to her heart. She studied extensively in both Tribal and oriental styles of belly dance. In 2014 she started performing oriental belly dance and shortly after she won an acclaimed competition at Tito Seif’s festival Al Ahram, where she was also a part of the Al Ahram dance company. She performs and teaches regularly in Sweden and abroad. She has studied rhythmics at The Stockholm University College of Music Education and been awarded a scholarship by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.Elnaz has a special place in her heart for belly dance but also enjoys styles like dancehall and hip hop.