Online program 7 DAY TRIBAL ARMS and LAYERS PRACTICE COMPANION 15. – 21. MAY 2023

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FINALLY online again!
This program was sponsored in part by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, and I am super proud of the quality and my signature moves I teach in the program.
Also GREAT if you have any kind of shoulder pain/problems, I adress this too! (I saved my own shoulders with these exercises too!)
7 DAYs, 7 unique training sessions. Get fluidity, open shoulder & chest, inspiring moves & layers and UPGRADE your life by cultivating a nourishing DAILY PRACTICE!
❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤
A 24h limit to help you avoid excuses and distractions & kick your butt to do the practice each day. Of course, you can repeat the 35-40 min practice as many times as you want in the given day and do it whenever you want on that day – video opens at 00:00-24:00 😉
Explanations include ADVANCED variations, but there is lots of detail, so beginners are very welcome too!
❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤ 🤸‍♀️ ❤ 💃 ❤
PRICE for the 7 day package = 50
DISCOUNT for the first 10 PARTICIPANTS = 40
REPEATER “I want to do it again!” (if you have done this program before) = 40
INCLUDED in the PRICE = The 7 day programme
+ ONLINE VIDEO WORKSHOP = QUESTION and ANSWER session! (Live* (recommended) + RECORDING!) on Sunday, 21. 5. 2023, 18:00 – 19:00 CEST / GMT+2
TO REGISTER, send an email to with:
– your name, surname, city from where you will join us
– and confirm the email, where you want to receive your passwords and links.
– If you prefer to pay via bank transfer or paypal

Feedback tistih, ki so se programa udeležili v preteklosti:
I can not praise this program enough! Professionally produced, just long enough! Incredible physical benefits: even when no one is watching me as I walk around my apartment, I can’t have a bad posture anymore. It seems like my shoulders move back by themselves 🙂
In short – a balsam for the body in these difficult times, as we stay inside and behind computers so much.
And then the wonderful dance combinations for my soul! With each one, I learned something new, but I was able to follow as the instruction was given clearly.
Ana Kodarin (Slovenia)

It was exactly the right amount of input that I needed and then I very much liked the concentration on one topic. My posture is also very thankful…
And you really know your stuff!!! The way you explain is very systematic, which I appreciate very much! Since the content is quite complex, I sometimes would have wished you here in my living room, so you can correct what I make of it, but the overall idea got clear, thanks to your constant instructions. You really made me think, which is a good thing 😉
I also liked the structure of the video. Having a structure always helps me in the first place. And then it also made sense, starting with some yoga practice, going to dance input, which can be internalised in a combo and finishing up with a good stretch: that pretzel in the end was awesome!
So thank you very much, you and your filming team, for the professional work!
Christin (Germany)

Thank you so much Manca for this training, I’ve just ended now and I will miss it a lot in the next few days!! I feel how I worked my shoulders and arms, chest and body posture. I began the lessons with a little cold and I felt just how a few seconds after beginning my joints created heat from inside. Mixing it with the dance section is so much fun and enjoyable. I was excited to see new movements each day, like the chocolate inside the advent calendar. I love it so so much!!! Looking forward to more training like this! I hope you will keep doing it, the editing is excellent and the format of time is perfect to do it daily.
Thank you so much again.
Elena (Spain)

I finished strong! Thank you for a wonderful program. I would lie if I said everything went smoothly. Discipline was not a problem, but I was sometimes not able to completely coordinate all the movements. But nonetheless, my brain registered the knowledge and one day, when I improvise I will go into a meditative state and the moves will flow 😜 Each journey starts with small steps. Exactly in that way I made progress each day by opening my chest and shoulders more and more😇
I would like to ask you for more tutorials like this! The beauty of it is that each individual can adjust the speed on their own. You can stop the video – try to feel the movement and at the end, do as much as you are able.
Thank you for the great yogi exercises! I usually did the training in the morning and they gave me lots of motivation and energy throughout the day.
Nina (Slovenia)